Sprott Global Resource Investments

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Who We Are

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. is the nation's preeminent junior resource-focused investment firm. Founded in 1993, Sprott Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprott, Inc. (SII-TSX), a Toronto-based public asset management firm.

We are a U.S. broker-dealer focused on the natural resource sectors including precious metals, base metals, oil & gas, agriculture, water, and alternative energy.

What We Do

We believe that the most successful resource investors are those who have access to objective guidance. Through our team of resource specialists and commitment to peerless customer service, we assist our clients in creating a personalized resource 'backbone' to their overall investment plan.

We employ geologists, mining and petroleum engineers, and specialists in the resource finance sector in order to provide our clients information to make informed natural resource investing decisions.  We offer full-service investment brokerage including both secondary market and, for qualified investors, private placement products.

Our Clients

Our clients are small and large individual and institutional investors who want a portion of their portfolio invested in the natural resource sectors, especially in junior exploration companies. We serve clients in the U.S. and across the globe. Canadian investors should contact Sprott Private Wealth in Toronto.

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